Programming Projects:

January 2012 » April 2012

Fall Assist - Embedded Systems Development

SFU - Capstone Project


  • Designed the architecture for Fall Assist – a device which detects when people have fallen
  • Developed software for the LPC 2148 microcontroller
  • Connected the microcontroller to accelerometer, gyro and wifi chips using SPI and I2C interfaces
  • Raised $1000 for the project from investors
October 2011 » December 2011

imageComm - iPhone application

SFU - Software Engineering


  • imageComm allows autistic users to communicate using pictures as a communication aid
  • Primary software developer in a group of 3 students
  • Project manager for the project development
November 2011 » December 2011


Personal Project


  • StockQuote allows users to look up real-time stock prices for any US stock
  • App is available in the app store since January 2012
October 2010 » November 2010

Hockey Robot Design

SFU - Micro Robot Hockey Tournament


  • Developed a real time simulation program that models hockey game play
  • Developed a game where users could play against an automated game engine on the opponent's side (Human vs CPU (competitive AI))
  • Designed the robots with 3 degrees of freedom of motion
October 2010 » November 2010

Stereo Image Compresssion

SFU - Multimedia Communications Engineering


  • Compressed stereo images by upto 50% without loss in quality
  • Implemented the Exhaustive Block Matching algorithm for compressing stereo images
  • Published a research paper describing results in June 2011